Lori Hickey

Therapeutic Life Coach, Mind, Body & Movement Specialist
Stuart Life Coaching
Balance & Movement Class, Tuesday 1:00pm
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
5150 Railway Ave
Stuart , FL
Balance & Movement Class, Thursday 10:30am
Dance Academy of Stuart
333 Tressler Drive Studio 4
Stuart , FL

As a Certified Therapeutic Life Coach, Lori has a passion for working with children, adolescents, adults and families, specializes in providing a safe environment for individuals to express and explore their lives without judgement or criticism. Our bodies store memories, and Lori works to help her clients access these memories and emotions, by providing insight and awareness that may contribute to depression, anxiety, and other unwanted behavioral expressions. Such knowledge will provide you the ability to transform your life "consciousness" opens the doors to transformation and personal growth.

Mind, Body & Movement Specialist

Lori has over 25 years' experience as a professional dancer, director and choreographer. Among all these different roles, she has intimately studied the integration of mind, body and performance strategies that have helped her become successful within the dance community. She has seen firsthand how the integration of Movement, Expressive Arts can access psychological processes including emotions that lead to personal growth, confidence and self- fulfillment.

What are the benefits to having sessions?

  • Increases self-esteem, self-worth and builds confidence
  • Validates feelings and instills a positive belief system
  • Eliminating negative self- image, limiting beliefs and unworthiness
  • Releases old patterns and core beliefs
  • Guides individuals to re-imagine, re- design, re-direct and ultimately explore their infinite potential.

Balance & Movement Classes

This class is designed to connect mind and body with fall prevention strategy, balance and cardiorespiratory low impact movements. Increase your range of motion, awareness, rhythm and coordination while developing core strength and building endurance. This class is designed for you to personally participate at your pace while having the freedom to embrace music and movement in a social environment. Clients experience lasting results with regular practice!

Private classes available upon request

NEW Children's Classes to designed to provide a quiet therapeutic environment incorporating Creative Movement, Expressive Arts and Mindfulness Stress Reduction through movement, while experiencing the benefits of the Children's Halotherapy Salt Room and having Fun!

Classes located at Salt of the Earth Halotherapy & Spa. Call for more information or to book a class and what a great opportunity for you experience the Adult Salt Room at the same time!

Whatever healing modality you choose, Lori guides individuals to awaken, identify, embrace and transform into... Creating an Extraordinary Life!