Sari Sack Terrusa

Sari Sack Terrusa, LMHC MH7270
Transformational Studies Institute
900 E. Indiantown Road, Suite 310
Jupiter , FL 33477

Recognized as a leading counselor and educator in the South Florida area, Sari began her work in 1981 as a therapist and advocate for handicapped children and their families. Her work at the Kempe National Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse won her national grant awards. Sari has taught and disseminated this project nationally and internationally. Sari works with women's groups, individuals, couples, children and families. She also teaches and speaks in the community highlighting her innovative, intuitive psycho-spiritual approach.

Sari's work with traumatized, unattached children led her to study the nature of the unconscious mind and generational patterning. Her post-graduate work includes certification in Eriksonian hypnosis, EMDR, mental imagery, movement therapy, and psychodrama. She has studied native cultures, Eastern religions and worked with shamans all over the world.

Sari has integrated these innovative, creative and experiential teachings into a somatic psychological approach that she uses in her private practice. This approach proposes that our cognitive understanding must communicate with the intelligence of the body

and together help release the cellular imprinting of the past. This intuitive, heart-felt awareness can help clear life-long depression and anxiety.

She is the co-founder of the Institute with her husband, Jim. Sari and Jim's creation of Transmutational Breathwork utilizes psychokinesiology, conscious connected breathing, and the five-stage ARFRI Technique making this form of breathwork well known and unique. Sari and Jim have brought these tools to thousands throughout the United States, Russia, Europe and South America. Sari's lively spirit and intuitive creativeness guide her work and play. She has practiced mediation for 30 years, and her desire for truth and balance inspires all she does.

She has been licensed since 1999 and holds a Master's Degree in Child and Family Counseling from the University of Denver and a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Nova University in Davie, FL.