Dr. Roy Speiser of CWR, Environmental Products

Scientist, Consumer Advocate and Water Quality Specialist
Clean Water Revival, Inc.
Dba CWR, Environmental Products
7897 SW Jack James Drive, Suite C
Stuart , FL 34997

Dr. Speiser has spent over 35 years developing innovative new products and technologies geared toward improving the health and quality of our lives. Thanks to all his efforts, the water we drink and the air we breathe are as pure as nature intended.

Living health in a contaminated world is a day-to-today challenge. Clean water and pure air are the basic necessities of life. Unfortunately, we live in a world fraught with environmental abuse, industrial greed and governmental neglect. Toxic chemicals and metals ingested from drinking water accumulate in your body over time and lead to various conditions and diseases.

The notion of safe water is a myth. The fact that your tap water gets a passing grade from the EPA doesn't mean it is safe - in fact, far from it. Our drinking water has become a repository for toxic waste. Agricultural runoff and industrial dumping are flushing toxic chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides and pharmaceuticals into our ground water sources and waterways.

Some of the contaminants that have been detected in our water supply:

  • Gasoline additives
  • Bacteria
  • Fluoride
  • Heavy metals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chloramines
  • PFOA
  • Chlorine and its by-products
  • Roundup
  • Trihalomethanes
  • Radioactivity

Take charge of your health. Eliminate the pollutants that are making you sick. Listen to your body, if your health is compromised - respond aggressively with a regimen of holistic treatment and detoxification.

In an attempt to filter out toxins substances from their drinking water, millions of consumers are buying filters that are entry level or minimal filters such as pour-through pitchers or faucet filters. These devices are inadequate to remove the wide array of contaminants found in today's drinking water. Different contaminants require different filtration technologies.

CWR, Environmental Products... Let Dr. Speiser assist you by recommending an affordable Home Filtration Solution that will safeguard you and your family's health and improve the quality and value of your home. Dr. Speiser and his water specialists will provide specific solutions to eliminate environmental toxins.

Let Dr. Speiser show you his six easy steps that will bring a continuous healthy flow of crystal clear water into your home:

  1. Recognition - visual staining or water discoloration. Obvious smells and odors in the home
  2. Analysis - CWR will analyze your municipal water report or recommend a test kit for well water.
  3. Evaluation - CWR will have you complete a questionnaire regarding your water, air and family's health. https://www.cwrenviro.com/info-center/whole-house-questionnaire-2
  4. Recommendation - CWR will design an effective and affordable Filtration Equipment solution specific for your needs.
  5. Installation - CWR will work with your plumbers and installers for an easy install.
  6. Support - CWR will always be available for ongoing questions and maintenance of your filters.