Suzanne Dauber

Classical Feng Shui & E.M.F. Personal Protection
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Life flows throughout Nature and our bodies run on bioelectricity which powers our heart and runs through our nerves. From EKG monitors to the thoughts and colors that contract or relax our muscles - it's all about ENERGY, also called Qi. We live in an energetic ecology which our bodies know and respond to. From cellular structures recognizing magnetic north to ancient civilizations building according to directional considerations, or subliminal impressions of color, advertising and radio frequencies - We are part of, and influenced by, our surroundings.

Having graduated with an Art and Design degree, I was fascinated with the effects of architecture, interior spaces and arrangement. Realizing this is an expression of energy it caused me to discover more through metaphysical and spiritual study. Then Dowsing practice added to this greatly. Yet as a very sensitive person who had multiple allergies, health challenges and general troubles accomplishing more of my innate potential and material success... I knew there must yet be more to understand.

This brought me into the study of Classical Feng Shui with world renowned Grand Master Yap Chang Hai. This art and science is based on understanding Nature & cycles. Everyone has a Personal Feng Shui Chart, plus the building occupied has a chart, as does this and every year. Person, Place & Time are considered to best align with the natural energetic support present that will assist each unique person and circumstance. The application from the start in 1999 transformed my life for the better and explained many of the difficulties prior. I can tell you it is absolutely true - just changing your bed, moving your desk or activating a certain orientation can totally improve your life in multiple ways!