Wilette Murphy, LMT

Massage Therapist
Wilette Murphy, LMT ( Lic # MA0010807)
Stuart , FL

Wilette has been a licensed Massage Therapist in Stuart for 28 years after discovering the benefits of Massage Therapy in California in the 1970's. After attending Seminar Network International School of Massage Therapy in Lake Worth, she passed the State Board exam and became licensed in 1991.

Over the years she has taken many continued education hours that are required every two years by the State Board of Education. Courses include: Myofacial Release Techniques, Neuromuscular Work, Trigger Point Therapy, Pregnancy Massage and many other seminars in the field.

"I have always had a deep love for my work for many reasons. I really enjoy working with senior citizens as well as children and teenagers. As Massage Therapists we teach people the importance of connecting with their bodies and being aware of the stress that the body holds. Stress accumulates...it does not go away. I believe that stress causes disease (dis-ease) and we must allow ourselves time to release and let go on a regular basis."

"I particularly find it helpful and very important to educate people on basic physiology and anatomy to understand exactly how stress and repetitive movement can bind up the connective tissue and restrict blood flow to the area. This is vital for healthy tissue rejuvenation."

"Since endeavoring into this field when massage was viewed as something for the rich and famous, I have observed the evolution of this very necessary and important health benefit. I am pleased to see so many more people fitting it into their budgets. I try to make it affordable so that they can maintain their levels of stress on a regular basis."

Although I do not have my own business location, I am on call at various Spas and can arrange Home Visits.

You can contact me for an appointment by calling me directly.