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Michele Millen has been an educator in the natural health field for over 30 years. Her training includes herbology, homeopathy, nutrition, iridology, reflexology, Digital Pulsewave Analysis, Emotional Release Technique, Crano-Sacral Therapy, and Essential Oil Therapy. A former co-owner of Standard Enzyme Company, Michele assisted in the development of Homeopathic, herbal, and nutritional products. She also helped develop and teach a four-level certification for Computerized Bioenergetic Assessment (CBA) to doctors and their technicians. She has served on the board of several nutritional companies and consults with many practitioners to support their patients. Michele has lectured on all subjects related to nutrition, the use of herbs and homeopathy, and how to create a healthy lifestyle.*

Computerized Bioenergetic Assessment

Computerized Bioenergetic Assessment (CBA) is a comprehensive computer based system for measuring the energies of the body.

  • A blunt, non-invasive probe is placed at specific points on the hands and feet.
  • Minute electrical discharges from these points serve as information signals.
  • Information is received about each part of the body via the acupuncture meridians (including emotional health, all major glands, organs, and biological systems).
  • The information gathered will indicate inflammation, degeneration, or balance in the energy of each part of the body.
  • The technician will then check for energetic frequencies of toxins including, but not limited to bacteria, viruses, chemical pesticides, candida, mold and mercury.
  • Over 13,600 tests will be performed in each session.
  • Each session will include checking for homeopathics, herbs, and nutritional supplements that will help balance the body, and will check for foods that are best suited for your biochemical makeup.
  • This process is designed to unlock the body's innate ability to heal itself.

Pulse Electromagnetic Field Cellular Exercise Pain Relief

The PEMF machine is used to energize the natural power hidden within each and every Cell in Your body.

  • Alleviate pain and reduce inflammation
  • Stimulate tissue healing and strengthen bones
  • Relieve Injury and fatigue
  • Support Neurotransmitter balance
  • Reduce stress & Increase relaxation
  • Achieve a deeper, more restorative Sleep
  • Improve Circulation
  • And more

*there is currently no state licensing for Naturopaths in Florida. Michele Millen works only in the capacity of a technician with the equipment listed above and as an educator for helping people balance their bodies. Neither content nor products on our website are meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease or to diagnose any disease. Please see your medical doctor for diagnosis and disease recommendations.