Tony DeAngelis

Clinical Nutritionist

Tony DeAngelis, MS, RD, LN/D was born in Brooklyn and lived in the NYC / Long Island area until he moved to Florida almost 30 years ago. He now lives in Stuart and is a practicing Clinical Nutritionist. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's degree in Nutrition, totaling over 300 college credits in addition to many courses in natural healing. Tony has authored many newsletters and papers on health and a large reference manual on understanding blood tests and treating disease with nutrition, and the prevention of disease through enlightened life-style and nutrition. Tony also hosted a one-hour radio program, the Healthy Heart Hour for a year.

At age 25, Tony had severe medical problems that required three months of hospitalization and bed rest. Aggressive treatment involved cortisone therapy. (Until then steroids had not been used extensively in humans.) This helped with the healing process but left side effects to be overcome. Personal studies in alternative therapies were needed to finalize and complete the healing. Eventually, college courses led to his becoming a Registered Dietitian and a licensed and insured Clinical Nutritionist. As a test of physical recovery Tony ran his first marathon for his 50th birthday and several others in future years.

Able to be licensed as a dietitian and nutritionist in Florida, he "retired" here. Unsuccessful in trying to create a holistic medical center with a staff of medical doctors in Deerfield Beach, he then bought Healthy Heart Healthfood store in Juno Beach which survived for 8 years, but did not prosper. Time consumption at that store inhibited the study of new information essential to incorporate into effective clinical services. It was time to move on.

Tony had been noticing many incomplete aspects of healthcare. Physicians usually practice linearly and too late. They wait for an event/disease to occur and then treat too late with non-supportive drug therapy that provides mostly symptomatic relief: one defect - one drug. This linear view of their own tests is what leads to the third leading cause of death in this country: polypharmacy. Tony has been using engineering principles and practicing functional nutrition based on feedback from medical tests to complete the healthcare cycle with fewer drugs and more nutrition.

Under Tony's system, disease conditions can be detected early and avoided. Or, if disease is already in progress or genetically indicated, medical treatments can be complemented by the application of nutrition through a functional clinical analysis system that might well be called biochemical engineering. Rarely is any other testing required other than those readily covered by your doctor and your insurance company.

This is the most science based, cost-effective system for most. No insurances are accepted. Fees and overhead are kept low through this efficient system.

We are the missing link between you and your doctor.