How about a hassle free eCoupon instead of an unsafe crowd?!?!?!

In an effort to keep our monthly sales day tradition of Take it OFF Tuesday on May 5th, Peggy's Natural Foods is changing how our Take it OFF Tuesday Sales Promotion will work in May.

Remember .... Peggy's is practicing Social Distancing.  And reminder we only allow 5 customers in the store at a time.

Instead of inviting a large crowd on Tuesday, we will instead issue a DISCOUNT coupon to your Loyalty Account.

The traditional 20% OFF everything unless it's on sale coupon will be available to use any day May 5th-May 31st.

If you link your ONLINE Shopping account you can even use the Coupon on ANY ONE Sale during the month.

USE Your Take it OFF Tuesday coupon on ANY Day during month May 5th to May 31st.

Pickup and Delivery is Encouraged verses any large crowds.  We want to be safe for everyone!

Please read our flyer below to see how the sale will work.

Thanks and much gratitude to everyone says Peggy.  

Please be patient with us as we continue to serve our Community during this time.

We will all get through this together!