Live Blood Nutritional Analysis Every Second Saturday of the Month

Peggy's is scheduling appointments in advance for this highly popular blood test done by the Center for Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine. Cost is $50 in advance through Peggy's. There is no better way to observe what is going on in your body than Nutritional Blood Analysis. It is done by placing a drop of blood from your fingertip on a high res microscope/TV monitor. Find out how you can become truly healthy. Blood analysis may reveal: FREE RADICAL DAMAGE, CANDIDA, BACTERIAL CONDITIONS, LIVER STRESS, PARASITES, IMMUNE DISORDERS, DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS, IRON DEFFICIENCY, VITAMIN DIFFICIENCY, URIC ACID CRYSTALS, HORMONAL IMBALANCES, ATERIAL PLAQUE. AND MORE. Sign for a 30 min. session for a cost of only $50.00. 

Live blood nutritional analysis