Peggy introduces "Peggy's Healing Community"

Peggy Ranger, licensed Nutritionist and owner of Peggy's Natural Foods for over 35 years has taken on a new endeavor.

It has always been Peggy's mission to not only serve her customers at the store in the best way possible, but also to connect people in need.

Peggy's passion is bringing natural and organic solutions to customers, and that means utilizing the natural healing providers among us!

As a cancer survivor herself, Peggy remembers all those that helped her through and cares deeply about introducing OUR Community's Natural Healers.        Peggy understands the huge undertaking it is for any single individual to find the right solution in time of crisis.

And it is hard enough to know where to look proactively as well.  

"If I can be of service to someone in need of finding the right help at the right time, I would like to provide that" says Peggy.  "Where we can we want to be a Community Hub for the awareness of unique and holistic healing providers for everyone.  As in our store everyday, when customers and folks are looking for help and want to be helped, we want to be helpful to them".

"There are so many wonderful natural practitioners right here in our local area that can be wonderful resources for people in need" says Peggy.   "We hope you enjoy and utilize our Healing Community.  We will work hard and sincerely to bring these great folks to the forefront!"

View our Practitioners here by Category.


If you know of someone that should be in Peggy's Healing Community please ask them to contact us.

This is Peggy's way of connecting those that are seeking great
resources, but of course we have to stop short of recommending.
These local healers and practitioners have come to our attention with great
testimonials. We are providing their information as a service to anyone in need
of educating themselves and in the process of making their own informed
decisions on their health situations.


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